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About Hatch

I am Maritza Maxwell and I founded Hatch in 2012. I have a degree in Fine Arts and Art History from Amherst College and a master's degree in Art History from Bryn Mawr College. I watch my children rejoice in making crafts, but I wonder, as they start school, how soon arts and crafts will become unnecessary to them. Once they have a full language and science curriculum, and then sports and other after-school activities, the art world fades further and further away. Many people lose their ability to create, forget how to imagine, and then as adults, have a difficult time when asked to "think outside the box". I have started this company to pass along the joy that I have in creating beautiful things, to teach new skills, and to reinforce skills that are dormant in us.

Hatch offers private classes at your home. Choose a class, invite some friends over, and learn to make something that you will be proud of!

Hatch recognizes that our schedules are hectic, and sometimes we just need to buy a high-quality handmade gift. I offer a range of objects in different media: something for anyone's taste.

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