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HATCH classes

Hatch new skills. Hatch your creativity. Hatch something beautiful.

Two- to three-hour class prices: $50 per person, with a $150 minimum. Please contact me for travel rates outside the DC Metro area. Before your scheduled class, I will email the classmates a list of materials. Feel free to bring your own materials, or you can purchase what you need at the Hatch at Home class. The kits for each class are individually priced.

earrings 2.jpg
Earrings 1.jpg

Rivoli Earrings

Thread your needle, and off we go. We will "sew" tiny seed beads together to make a setting for a pair of bright Swarovski rivoli crystals. Then, we will hang them on the ear wires of your choice for a pair of beautiful earrings that people will notice! Students will need very good eyesight for this class, so please bring those reading glasses! Kit includes a pair of Swarovski rivoli crystals, seed beads, a needle, beading thread, and a pair of 
ear wires for $15.

Tower of Pearls

In this class, we will learn a technique of bead weaving that will allow you to make all sorts of bracelets, necklaces and earrings. The delicate lattice-like stitch that holds the pearls in place looks difficult, but with a little practice, it becomes old hat. This is a time-consuming stitch, so we will start by making a pair or earrings; what you make afterward is up to you! Kit includes enough Swarovski pearls, seed beads, thread, needle, and wires for one pair of 2" long earrings for $15.

Danish Paper Crafts

We will discover the art of Danish paper-folding and create decorative stars that can be hung or piled into 
a vase for a colorful centerpiece. The hearts are woven together with two pieces of paper and open like a basket to put goodies inside! Usually made to hang on 
a Christmas tree, these stars and hearts take a bit of practice, but are straightforward and addictive so 
clear your calendar! Kit includes enough paper for four stars and four hearts for $10.



These beautiful balls are wound again and again with vibrant yarn and thread. You will learn to stitch a lovely pattern with embroidery floss. We will make one of the balls shown below, in the colors of your choice. Kit includes one pre-wound ball, one temari needle, and embroidery floss for $25.

Paper Folding
for Kids

It's the kids' turn! Send them over to learn the fun and rewarding craft of paper-folding! We will create a box or a spinning top. Perhaps a card with kissing lips, or a kinetic toy. They will have fun and leave with two or more projects! Kit includes enough paper for the class, and a little more paper to take home to demonstrate your new skills for your parents, $5.

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